Accessible Built Environment

Accessible Built Environment Standard

New legislation has been enacted to add the Design of Public Spaces Standard into the previously existing Integrated Accessibility Standards Regulation. This Standard applies to public spaces that are newly constructed or redeveloped on and after the dates set out in the schedule and includes:

  • Recreational Trails and Beach Access Routes
  • Outdoor Public Use Eating Areas
  • Outdoor Play Spaces
  • Exterior Paths of Travel
  • Accessible Parking
  • Obtaining Services (service counters, queuing guides, waiting areas)

There are other requirements under review that address architectural barriers that were developed originally as the Accessible Built Environment Standard, which is currently in a final draft form. It has not been made law and additional revisions are pending. This document can only be found on our site until it is formally published; it is provided by People Access for informational purposes only.

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The final proposed standard was developed by an external Accessible Built Environment Standards Development Committee (ABE-SDC). This external committee included representatives from the disability community and from the public and private sectors. Best practices from around the world were considered and incorporated, in keeping with the needs of all stakeholders.

This draft includes proposed standards for a wide range of physical and architectural features, including the “Design of Public Spaces” now in force. Over 5000 individual criteria are provided in a series of discreet sections.

If you are interested in determining if your buildings meet some or all of the current proposed draft criteria, please see our Accessible Facilities Assessments services (link to “Accessible Facilities Assessments” page)