Accessible Website Audit and Design

Accessible Website Audit and Design

It is estimated that over 4 million Canadians have no vision or low vision. If your website is not compatible with current screen-reading software you may be invisible to these prospective customers!

Internet users with hearing, sight, intellectual, and physical disabilities spend a great deal of time on-line and socially networking. Organizations that create accessible web-sites early are role-models and attract more loyal visitors.

You know that your website says a lot about you and your organization. Does it say that you are open for business from people with disabilities?

Accessible websites are easier for everyone to use, are favoured by the major search engines, and work better with mobile devices. Website accessibility is also becoming a legislated requirement in many jurisdictions.

Building websites to WCAG 2.0 AA standards requires special knowledge and experience. Aesthetics do not have to be sacrificed for functionality when professionals do the work. Skilled developers for building accessible websites are still few and far between, so make certain that you check credentials and references before contracting.