White Papers and Best Practices

Accessibility Issues White Papers

We welcome suggestions on topics for suitable white papers concerning Accessibility and AODA issues – please fell free to Contact Us and suggest something you would like to see published.

Also, please check out our Resource Section for tools, tips and techniques on how to achieve compliance with the AODA, or how to implement your own Accessibility Initiatives.

White Papers on Achieving Compliance with AODA:

  1. How to achieve compliance with AODA for Healthcare professionals
  2. How to achieve compliance for Small Businesses

White Papers on Accessibility Regulations:

  1. The Accessible Customer Service Standard
  2. The Accessible Built Environment Draft Standard (Full Text)
  3. The Integrated Accessibility Standard Regulation

White Papers about Accessibility:

  1. Releasing Constraints – The Martin Prosperity Institute’s White Paper on the economic impact of Increased Accessibility in Ontario

Coming Soon:

  1. People Access paper on The Business Case for Accessibility
  2. Third Party papers on various Accessibility Issues

And if you would like to get started doing something immediately, you may download our AccessPATH Guide to help you achieve compliance quickly and easily.