Non-Profit Accessibility

Non-Profit Accessibility

Society depends heavily on the more than 40,000 Ontario non-profit organizations.

People Access cost-effective simplified solutions help non-profits achieve accessibility compliance and address issues such as:

  • High staff turnover
  • Scarcity of funding and resources
  • Many volunteers
  • Many clients with disabilities

Many non-profits are already very familiar with serving people with disabilities, from the very young to the very old, and Ontario’s new laws now enforce a consistent approach to exemplary customer service. Whether you know them as clients, patients, students, or members, they are all customers under the AODA Accessibility Standards for Customer Service, Ont. Reg. 429/07.

Whether you have one employee or hundreds, and if you are providing goods or services in Ontario, you must obey the customer service accessibility law by creating a service policy and providing training to your managers and staff. In addition, anyone that represents your organization must also be trained, including your volunteers and contractors. Like many non-profits, you may not have had time to act on this, but People Access has. People Access has made the process of complying with Ontario’s new regulations easier and more affordable than ever.

First, we offer you a Free Download Guide and Kit of “fill-in-the-blank” forms that satisfy the required paperwork and explain what you have to do, why, and by when. Then you can buy the training you need through our e-Learning program. Finally, you can show all your customers and neighbours that you support accessibility for people with disabilities with People Access door decals, guides, and service tips, along with a directory listing on an Accessible Organization Map so that people with disabilities can find you, confident of a happy experience when dealing with you.